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Glory Performance Training, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer

"As Iron Sharpens Iron So one man Sharpens Another"

Customized Strength & Conditioning programs to help you achieve your goals



Not just your average training program, OUr Coaches Dedicate all their time, energy, and effort into curating the best training programs to get you to you goals. No Matter what sport you play, We can Help you Reach The next level. Helping you become the best version of yourself is what we do.

Strong Man

Are You Prepared?
Have you done everything you possibly can to ensure you can compete your best in your sport? Our sports performance training enhances your athletic abilities, and through your coach's guidance you will learn not only the how and why of training, but all that encompasses it including nutrition and mindset.

Empty Gym

Get More Done In Less Time
Through Experienced Coaching and concise planning, we get you the results you want without having to spend countless hours in the gym. The fact is athletes need to spend alot of time playing their sport, we deliver effective and efficient programs to our athletes so you can maximize your time doing what matters most: playing your sport.

Basketball Match

We Are Here to Guide you on your Journey to Greatness

We Work WIth Athletes of all ages and skill levels. We meet you where you are, the only thing we ask is that you commit to putting forth your best effort every day!


Personal Training

  • one on one training with a professional coach

  • Have your own designated workout time

  • No goal is out of reach when you work with our performance coaches

Sports Performance Training

  • Strength & conditioning program to prepare you for the demands of your sport.

  • Professional coaching from a sports performance coach

  • One on one or group based, we work with entire teams and individual athletes!


Remote Coaching

  • Custom training program to reach you to your goals, delivered to you via a free app!

  • Complete your training program at your own convenience, on your own time.

  • Access to a professional coach to guide you through your program and hold you accountable.


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"Having a program has kept me on a consistent schedule and having someone with knowledge has helped me take away the guess work..."

Miles holt

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